Running a business is tough, it takes leadership, knowledge and skills, determination and most of all hard work – but if you’re passionate enough, it can all be done and with great success. We spoke to some of the South Side’s most successful business women, to not only get their take on running a business, but how it all started for them.

If you look back just twenty years ago (1990 – 1995), the number of women in business or even in employment was staggeringly low, with most women aged 25-34 staying at home to raise children and women aged 35+ only working casually or part-time – according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. The number of women in business and in the workforce only began to skyrocket from 2000 onwards and it has been climbing ever since.

The idea around women in business and in the workforce in general, has come a long way. Today, it’s normal for a dad to stay at home with their child while their mum works, just as it’s normal for women to focus on a career before having children. These days, many businesses and large organisations are run or owned by women and the female presence in ‘male-dominated’ industries is growing. Times, they are a changing and it’s great!

South City Bulletin take pride in supporting our local women in business and recognising their incredible efforts throughout the year! Our Editor, Resa Zekants is a young female with her own business, so she understands the hard work and dedication that goes in!

We hope you enjoy the inspiring stories of our local women in business!

Resa Zekants
From radio to print and then advertising (in many different areas), Resa has a long and varied background in media. Starting as a SCB intern many moons ago whilst working as a radio news reporter, Resa has come back to SCB and is now our wonderful Editor. Resa’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Communications with Majors in Journalism and Film & Screen Studies, Certificate in Copy Writing, Certificate in Brand Strategy and Development and in unrelated fields Master Trainer of Fitness and Basic 1 Zumba instructor. Resa has her own Personal Training business and likes to teach Zumba in her spare time. Whether it’s writing articles, attending events or putting together client advertising, Resa loves being part of the team!