Brisbane, John Paul College Eduction, The Principal, Norm Kerley
Norm Kerley, John Paul College Principal

No matter the quality of buildings, facilities and programmes, it is the people within schools that matter the most.  The way in which the people, the students, staff and families interact is at the heart of education. Our ability to communicate, collaborate, solve problems, become resilient, respect and care for each other will determine ‘success’.  In nurturing ‘people skills’ we ready students to thrive in their world and gain employment and life satisfaction. Students as learners are encouraged to challenge and make choices, to inquire and explore with a view to shaping their own learning. They are encouraged to consider a range of opportunities, both within the classroom and beyond, imagine possibilities, and identify goals for their studies and future careers, which the College can support.

We are fortunate that our College community is a microcosm of wider society.  It is one, which while contemporary in its teaching and learning, maintains and embraces the traditional values of a Christian ethos. Our standards proudly remain high, and achievements celebrated. We are giving a focus to compassion and promoting the character traits so essential in today’s world.

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