Whether it’s working a full-time job or running around after the kids, life can get extremely busy at times and this is when we tend to push our personal goals and aspirations to the side. We shouldn’t.

It’s in these stressful times we tell ourselves – we’re too busy for the gym, too busy to go play golf, too busy to work on that million-dollar business idea – we’ve all been there. Truth is, we are never too busy to look after ourselves or do the things we love doing.

It’s really important we find the time to achieve our goals, no matter how big or small! Here are a few tips to help you get back on track, this month:

  • Write down your short-term goals, things you would like to achieve within a month or two. To avoid becoming overwhelmed or getting frustrated don’t go overboard with these, three goals a month is plenty. These goals could be as simple as ‘clean the spare room’, ‘be able to do 20 push-ups in a row’ or ‘finish the first part of my business plan’.
  • Now ask yourself ‘What steps do I need to take to achieve these goals?’ Write them down next to that goal. For example, steps for cleaning the spare room could include;
    1. Sort through boxes
    2. Throw out or donate anything not needed
    3. Vacuum floor and dust down furniture
  • The steps you put down do not have to be done in one day, they can be scheduled for certain days or weekends or even one hour you know you have spare. As long as you’re doing little bits throughout the month, you will get there!

When you have an action plan written down on paper, things become clearer and less cluttered in your mind. Much like a to do list, if you follow a goals list each month and take the necessary steps for each goal, you will feel less pressured to get everything done all at once.

Happy achieving!

Resa Zekants
From radio to print and then advertising (in many different areas), Resa has a long and varied background in media. Starting as a SCB intern many moons ago whilst working as a radio news reporter, Resa has come back to SCB and is now our wonderful Editor. Resa’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Communications with Majors in Journalism and Film & Screen Studies, Certificate in Copy Writing, Certificate in Brand Strategy and Development and in unrelated fields Master Trainer of Fitness and Basic 1 Zumba instructor. Resa has her own Personal Training business and likes to teach Zumba in her spare time. Whether it’s writing articles, attending events or putting together client advertising, Resa loves being part of the team!