For many, taking the steps to living a healthier and more active lifestyle can be extremely tough. It takes a lot of guts, determination, motivation and commitment to really change things around, especially if you’re trying to change a lifetime of bad habits or routine! It’s not an easy journey – if it was, everyone would be doing it – but, it can be done.

Many of you are unaware that as well as being the Editor here at South City Bulletin, I’m also qualified Personal Trainer and run my own fitness business on the Southside. Throughout my time in the industry, I’ve noticed one of the biggest challenges ‘health and fitness’ beginners (or even people re-visiting the idea) face – is lack of motivation. We’ve all been there!

Here are a few of my tips to help make your health and fitness journey a little bit easier and put that ‘motivational’ spring back in your step!

  • Create a new routine – and put exercise in your priorities for the day. If you really want to get fit or change your lifestyle you have to make time! Look at your routine or schedule and start by pencilling in just 15mins a day of activity, then build up to 30mins and 1hr!
  • No excuses – I’m too busy, I’ve don’t have the time or I’m too tired, are not good enough excuses to skip gym! If on-call surgeons, who’ve just come off a 15hr shift, can find the time to work out, so can you – even if it’s for just 30mins a day.
  • Stop saying ‘I’ll start tomorrow’ or ‘I’ll start first thing Monday’ – and just start NOW. We all know when tomorrow rolls around you’ll have forgotten all about it or you’ll start the day off great and it’ll all fizzle out by the time 3pm hits. Forget about the hash browns you had for breakfast and make your next meal a healthy one, go for a walk on your lunch break or join a gym tonight. Start NOW!
  • Find things you love doing – If you don’t like cycling, don’t cycle. Find exercises you actually like doing, try swimming, dancing, running or weights – exercise doesn’t have to be boring. There are so many other things you can do, you just have to try them.
  • Meal Preparation – it’s one of the easiest way to stay on track throughout the week and it takes no time at all. Set aside one hour on your day off and make up a whole bunch of healthy ready meals for the week. This will save you time and money! You’ll be one step ahead for the week! YouTube meal prep videos if you need some inspiration!
  • Stay positive – if you fall off the bandwagon it’s not the end of the world, simply jump back on!

It will take time, but with a positive mindset and being one step ahead you will get there.

Happy Achieving!
Resa xx

Resa Zekants
From radio to print and then advertising (in many different areas), Resa has a long and varied background in media. Starting as a SCB intern many moons ago whilst working as a radio news reporter, Resa has come back to SCB and is now our wonderful Editor. Resa’s qualifications include: Bachelor of Communications with Majors in Journalism and Film & Screen Studies, Certificate in Copy Writing, Certificate in Brand Strategy and Development and in unrelated fields Master Trainer of Fitness and Basic 1 Zumba instructor. Resa has her own Personal Training business and likes to teach Zumba in her spare time. Whether it’s writing articles, attending events or putting together client advertising, Resa loves being part of the team!